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Water transfer decals

01 Water Transfer / Applied before clear coating

Depend on different substrate and also different requirement on painting process, divided as below products:

HRST (Heat Resistant Solvent Transfer):
Liquid coated bike.
HRST-P(Solvent Transfer for Powder Coating):
Powder coated bike.
HRWT(Heat Resistant Water Transfer):
Helmets, Mobile Phone Cover, Plastic, Bike
HRNT(Heat Resistant Non-Film Transfer) :
High end products, Carbon Fiber, Racket, Golf, Fishing Poles, Curved area, or Welding area on product surface.

Water transfer Applicable Products


02 Nonpaint Water Transfer(NPWT) / On top of clear coating

Nonpaint Water Transfer(NPWT) is elastic and perfectly fit into the whole frame including welding and curved surface. With different surface texture and patterns, Non Paint Water Transfer can skip multiple masking and painting processes. Playing with variety colors, and showing the contrast of matt & gloss, NPWT makes designer’s creative into reality.


The operation and decal structure will be adjusted for different substrate and showing surface effect, divided as below products :

NPWT-A (Nonpaint Water Transfer-Anodized):

For anodized or Titanium frame

NPWT-RF (Nonpaint Water Transfer-Reflective):

Reflect light in the dark, also provide the frame with visible safety function and also provide the purpose of anti-slippery.

NPWT-GM (Gloss & Matt) :

Gloss and Matt on the same surface can be achieved easily after decaling process.

(Nonpaint Water Transfer-Surface Decoration) :

Create different relief patterns and also special texture.

NPWT-SR (Nonpaint Water Transfer-Satin Reflective) :

With satin texture and reflect mystery luster.



Only a thin ink layer will be transferred to the object, so water transfer appears a very high-end quality on the object


Operating Process:

1. Remove protection sheet and soak in the warm water(about 20-40℃) for 5 to 10 seconds.

2. Position the transfer decal on the object gently
3. Use rubber squeegee to press out the water and air, then remove liner sheet
4. Clean the glue remained on surface with wet cloth gently
5. Dry in the oven at 70℃~100℃ for 15-20min.
6. Clear coating on it.


03 Color Msking Decals ( CMD& CMWT)

This is for the application of two-tone or multiple colors painting products.
There are 2 combined layers of graphic film and mask film to create 2-tone at one step.
For carbon fiber or curved surface, we develop a more flexible and upgraded decals- the Color Masking Water Transfer (CMWT)


Operation Process:

1. Finish the first color painting on the frame, dry it completely
2. Remove the release liner and position the decal. Press from the center to both sides to adhere the frame well.
3. Paint the second color paint. The masking layer is covering from the paint
4. Cure in the oven at the temperature less than 100℃ for 20 min
5. Wait the frame turn cold. Take off the masking layer gently.