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Self-adhesive sticker Serial

01 Self-adhesive sticker (SKC)

SKC is also called stickers, or labels. We can see it almost everywhere, such as the decals for toys, plastic products or for the purpose of identification, packing, warning, promotion etc.
With the help of transfer carrier on top of the sticker, it will easier to apply the delicate cut graphic without finger print.(STC-Sticker with Transfer Carrier).


02 Heat Resistant Clear Sticker (HRCS)

The printed material is very thin, about 12u-16u and can be clear coated and cured at high temperature. Not good for the big area or curved surface


Operation Process:

1. Remove the backing release liner
2. Position the decals. Press the decals from the center to both sides
3. Tear off the carrier tape along with the surface of decals, gently.
4. Press the decals again especially around the edge.
5. Do clear coating. Cured at 150℃-160℃ for 20min


03 Hologram Decals (HSD & HRSD)

HSD and HRSD are made of self-adhesive polyester film with hologram pattern, chrome or brushed chrome. By printing transparent colors on top, the decal shows the colorful hologram or shinny metallic effects.
To resist high temperature up to 100-150℃ for under clear coating, please chose HRSD.