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Other serial

01 Nameplates & Graphic Overlays

The nice screen-printed nameplates and graphic overlays can promote the product value greatly. Many special effects can be achieved, such as 3D, brushed chrome, double side printing, mirror effect, dome, embossed, debossed on different material according to different requirement.
Our nameplate and graphic overlays are designed for cars, motorcycles, exercisers, electronics…etc


02 Dry Rub-on Transfer (DRT)

The products will look like it’s printed directly. It is perfect to be used on metal or plastic products, either painted or not, or any smooth surface.


Operation Process:

1. Remove backing paper.
2. Place your design face up on the surface.
3. Smooth it down with your fingers (better wearing a silk glove).
4. Remove the carrier from one of the corner and rub the design towards this corner until the carrier be removed.


03 Color Printed THERMAL Forming Plastic

By thermal Forming, the plastic sheets printed with attractive graphic can be final product. The tooling and mold are more affordable. Furthermore, the lead-time is much shorter than plastic injection.


Material: PVC, PS, ABS, PC
Thickness: 0.3mm-3.0mm
Printing: Precise registration screen printing
Applications: Helmet Out Shells, Wheel cover, Chain cover, Mudguards, Tool Box, Stationery Box, Gift package.


04 Brushed Metal-like nameplates

The new product can show the quality of Metal. Because it is made by plastic, it can be formed the shape easily to save the manufacturing cost and short the lead-time.